Polyphony in Theorytab

I was really disappointed 2 moths ago when you guys released polyphony for only Plus users. This is a problem because if you’re writing a song, yo can’t hear what the hell that harmony part you have sounds like a third down without mutilating the entire piece.

Also, this would be helpful for Theorytabs, especially in songs that more than 1 melody line playing at once. For example, this song, in the reprise at 1:45, there’s a melody and a counter-melody playing at the same time. It frustrates me to not be able to include the counter-melody, which is the moving line most of the time, compared to whole note melody.

EDIT: @HertzDevil said in one of his newest YouTube videos that he has many songs unanalyzed just because we can’t have polyphony in Theorytab.

Link to the YouTube video
Link to the comment

Quoting him:

[quote] polyphony and mixer settings mean nothing until they are allowed in the public database and essentially all songs i do contain polyphony, and i would not transfer them at all due to loss of accuracy. it is not an issue for only non-plus members
http://www.hooktheory.com/hookpad/view/5DqHelOU-hfs [/quote]

So, any word on this?

Do the devs seriously not want people to accurately analyze songs in Theorytab, and have a “pay-for-feature” system preventing that? Because that’s what I think is going on here.