Polyphony in the melody parts?

Hi, I’ve seen several projects and tabs on which there are mutiple “overlapping” notes (polyphony) in the melody section. How can I do this? Is it a PLUS feature or am I missing something?

This is an exploit of an undocumented bug that has already been fixed in an update to Hookpad 1.1.2.

why fix it tho…? can we not pretend like poly melody isnt a thing?

This used to only be possible through a bug, but now it’s a Plus feature.

And then, is it possible to have multiple “overlapping” notes (polyphony) in the melody section now in the last software version and how is possible because it’s undocumented?

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Polyphony is now an official feature, with up to 4 voices, but it’s currently for Hookpad Plus users only, unfortunately.