Polyphony as a feature

So I’ve been poking around for a little bit and I found out that polyphony is a bug, and that it is an exploit.

All I want is for polyphony to be an actual feature. Most of the songs I want to put onto Theorytab have the melody be in polyphony, and cannot be simplified into a single note. It was frustrating when I found out on my first few visits here that polyphony only exists as a patched bug.


We’re working hard on Polyphony and it should be released soon :slight_smile:

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Perfect. I’ll be waiting warmly!

Now that it’s released, I’m really disappointed that it’s a Plus feature. I was expecting it to be available to free users, too.

Perhaps only up to 2 voices in the melody section as a compromise? I want to use it, too.

I’m also kind of disappointed it’s PLUS only. I love Hooktheory and I’ll end up getting PLUS at some point, but for some songs, reflecting the polyphony when transcribing is kind of essential to reflecting the overall feel of the melodies. A lot of contributors of the more “popular” stuff are not PLUS, leaving the work of finishing the “complete” version to the ones who are.

With that said, it’s really cool that it’s finally here. Can’t wait to try it.

When MIDI exporting, is the polyphonic melody exported as a single track or is there an option for exporting several “independent” melody tracks, just like the way it works with bass and chords?

Separate tracks; every mixer track will export an individual track for each instrument using that voice.

Sheet/tab export also separates all voices.

That’s what I was hoping to hear, thanks!

When is @Hooktheory going to allow proper polyphonic tabs in the database so that the buggy ones could be fixed manually?

(As I stated in the private emails, polyphonic tabs should allow at least 2 different volume levels upon transferring to the public database to preserve the lead/counter distinction.)

I personally think that non-Plus members should be able to use polyphony as well. The developers could use other forms of limitations:

  • Number of voices;
  • Maximum number of polyphonic tabs per non-Plus user;
  • Inability to transfer polyphonic tabs to the public database.

Completely disabling polyphony for non-Plus members is unfair for all of us because these users have limited access to the Theorytab representation, and the Plus members cannot transfer polyphonic tabs as a consequence of not allowing non-Plus members to fork these tabs to private copies.