Please introduce the key used in the examples before starting playback

The key changes from example to example. This makes it hard to track the degrees in the progressions presented, as when following a new example I still mentally hear the “home” tone from the previous one.

This undermines the effectiveness of the material presented.

Please, either:

  • Make sure all the excerpts are in the same key
  • Play a short I chord (or the scale itself) before playing the excerpt, so that the ear gets accustomed to the key used.
  • Place a button near each example that allows me to play the scale used.

Yeah you do lose a bit if there is a key change and don’t capture the modulation. I think it would be good for analyzers to include interesting modulations in the analysis. Right now the previous version of Hookpad is used as the engine for doing these analyses and doesn’t support modulations though. Once we get Hookpad 2 working as a wiki analyzer this will be easier.