Please improve the lyrics feature

Please improve the lyrics feature.

I want to start writing lyrics on my Hookpad files but the feature is so messy. I know the lyrics for my chorus but not the verse so I should be able to write lyrics on any note without having to enter underscores on every note before that.

It would make more sense if you had the lyrics data stored in each note rather than the way you do now. I don’t know if this would cause issues with importing midi data but you could probably find a workaround.

You could also ensure that it wouldn’t mess up old files by having two modes to choose from - the old version and the new version of lyrics input.

I also wish there was a toggle to make the lyrics display on their own line below the chord names but above the measures below. This would be easier to read, look less cluttered and be more similar to actual sheet music.

Thanks, Jack

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I like your suggestions for improving the way lyrics interact with the melody. My work around for songs where I come up with the chorus first, is to create separate projects for the CHORUS and VERSE, then copy and paste when ready to bring it all together.

Hookpad is such a great tool for song writing but I miss the link of lyrics to e.g. sections, too. Therefore you could move sections with the linked lyrics.

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Just commenting because I think this needs more attention. I wish I didn’t have to struggle while using the lyrics feature.

Yes, thank you very much for bringing this up again. I think linking the lyrics to sections would be a great thing. This would also mean that you could move a section and the lyrics would move with it. I’ll bring it on the table, there’s a lot of improvements to be made here but it will take some time to develop that.
One of my biggest concerns right now is what happens if the sections are added after the lyrics. Or if the sections are changed etc…

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