Please I need triads without inversions

Can someone tell me how to change all the keys to just TRIADS with no inversions…

So annoying :slight_smile: I want basic triads when I export the midi files…

But even if it’s on triads it keeps doing the inversion.

Anyone know how to change that??

We’re sorry but that’s not possible. Hookpad’s instruments are designed to have a smart voicing which tries to minimise the way each note of chord has to go up/down to form the next chord. This results in a more consistent listening experience and mimics more what you would hear in “real” music.

The only way I can think of is to write all triads by yourself. Using three melody voices you can write each chord with the octave position you like.

Thanks for reply, and yes it’s smart your way of course :sweat_smile: , this was most cause of learning purpose…
Great application you have created!