Please help me figure out John Mayer's "No such thing"

Hi Guys,

I’m really having a hard time figuring out the logic behind John Mayer’s song called No Such Thing.
The verse has Emaj - Amaj - C#min - Emin7 (or D/G) but when it goes to the bridge (second time around), singing “up my sleeve” he is using an F#13 (or some modification of it) and I don’t understand how can that fit into the progression. Then the F# is followed by an A major so I guess it can be a Lydian progression with II7(F#)-IV(A)? Is it normal to use a lydian II7 at the end of a phrase to build up tension like he does?

What do you think?
Many thanks!

The F#11 can be described as an E/F# which is very similar to the C#m7 before it
Here are my attempts to put it on HookTheory.

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P.S I used borrowed chords from minor and Lydian

Ah, I’ve never thought about it that way and it actually does make a lot of sense!
Thank you, much appreciated! :slight_smile: