Please change the Pop 1 Default drums back to their original sound

@Ryan @dave @chris

In the newest update, I noticed you changed the Pop 1 Default drums. Please change them back or let me know if you renamed them to something else. Also, next time you want to change the drums, please add them as a new instrument so that people’s tabs don’t get messed up.


Same here, but with the Pop Rock Ballad drums. It’s not a major issue for me, but the new ones just don’t sound the same.

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Totally agree. The pop ballad default is now kallad pop slow ballad and sounds completely different…and therefore not good!

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Sorry for the trouble, the old pop kit (<v2.22.0) can now be found under the name “Pop Light”.

We recorded new higher quality samples for most of the drums, and although most of the kits sound the same, the pop drums are definitely a bit harder, so if you prefer the older version of patterns and samples you can find them there.

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I can´t see the “pop light”! Where is it?

In Chrome I had to hold down shift and then press the refresh button to update Hookpad to be able to get it.