Please Add Lyrics per Section

The lyrics feature is really helpful, but it can quickly become a jumbled mess the second something is changed. Can you please add a way to lock lyrics to a specific section so that the notes/lyrics don’t change when more lyrics are added?

Being able to set lyrics to a specific section and see the sections outlined in the Lyrics window would be helpful.

I’m adding this as a new suggestion since there is a similar one from 2020 that had some interest but seemed to have faded away.


Yes please work this out!!

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Yes, it’s almost impossible to work with this unless the lyrics can be linked to a specific section.

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Yes, I totally agree.
I’m currently doing a big overhaul of the lyrics section. Everything will look nicer, sections will be linked and there will also be a Pdf export option.

It’s pretty much ready right now, but I’ll need another week or so to get rid of the last bugs and make sure it runs great on all browsers.

So check the release notes and in one or two weeks there should be an upadate.



This will be incredible! Looking forward to it!