Please add Capo Feature

I think it would be very useful to provide a Capo feature. The effect would be to visually see the Chords and notes in one key while simultaneously hearing them in a different key.

Example: I play guitalele (tuned +5 semitones higher than guitar,) but I think of it and play it as standard tuning in guitar, yet hear it in the notes of the guitalele.
It could be used for a tune where the guitar has been Capoed(?), as well.
This could be used also for solos with transposing instruments.

I know I’ve used too many words to describe a simple function, but I hope you understand the intended request.

Thank you.


Posting reply to keep topic fresh.

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Yes. Please add a capo function. I can’t play in AbMajor. I need to use a capo.

I think we already have something that might help you. In the menu where you can select the key of the song you can also transpose the playback so that you’ll hear it in a different key than the chords/notes you see.

Please let me know if this helps!