Playing + quantize to compose melodies in hookpad - unusable due to delay

Although the 1-7 and hjkl and mouse is decent way to compose melodies, I would really prefer to be able to play it on the midi keyboard.

It doesn’t seem to be possible as the delay is so bad, the notes end up going everywhere. I also don’t see a quantize option but even if it had one, the notes are more than 1/8th note off sometimes.

One workaround idea, is there a way to record and quantize the midi live from a midi keyboard in a DAW, then drag the midi back into hookpad?

Ideally there would just be a lot less lag to the midi.

Thanks a lot!

you could import the melody:

Also you can try to adjust the Recording Input Latency.

If this is set up correctly you will still have to play way early but if you’ll then hear the notes on the grid while recording, they should also be recorded in the correct positions.

You can also do a mixture of using your midi controller and your computer keyboard. Change the note length with “H - [” and input each note on your midi controller step by step.

Please let me know if some of this works for you.