Playing back continuous 16th notes swings them

As an example, see measure 17-24 in this tab.

Expected: Only 8th notes are swung, as it usually is. 16th notes all have the same length.

What Happens: 8th notes are swung normally, but 16th notes are played as if each pair had their length of swung 8th notes.

How to Recreate: Make a tab with a swung tempo, place a continuous string of 16th notes, then play it back.


thanks for your feedback. This is actually not a bug but just the way Hookpad is programmed right now. This makes sure that we don’t have any swung eights and straight 16th playing at the same time.


@bigyihsuan like Dennis mentioned, this is typically how swing feels are implemented. Probably for that tab, we should insert a tempo change at bar 17 to switch it back into straight eights.