Playing along with external MIDI keyboard

When I play MIDI keyboard along with song as it plays, and try to record, all notes are locked into whatever the duration is set to. So if I play one 1/8 and a sixteenth note triplet, these four notes are recorded as four 1/4 notes. How can I record freely without being locked into the duration setting? Is this a bug, or just not a feature (yet)?

Go to settings scroll down to entry mode in app settings use table
Maybe that helps ?

It’s already set to table.

Ok.Then i dont know. Im not an expert

Am I seriously the only user who has experienced this issue?

Hey Jawsome,

do you experience this only for triplets or also for binary note values? I think triplets won’t get noticed for live recordings. With all the browser-introduced latency it’s extremely difficult to play tight notes on a midi controller in the first place, so distinguishing between dotted eighth notes and and eighth triplets is nearly impossible. Perhaps we could introduce an input quantisation mode which accepts also triplets in the future but I doubt this would lead to a great user experience.



Thanks for your response.
No, triplets was just an example. Everything plays as quarter notes when recording live. Can’t record whole, half, or eighth notes.

Thanks for clarifying about the triplets. I tried to replicate the issue you’re describing but didn’t encounter the same behavior. When you say “everything plays as quarter notes,” could you elaborate a bit?

For eighth notes, are you finding that every second note is missing? And for longer notes like whole or half notes, what exactly happens? Are they cut off and followed by a rest, or does the next note start playing early?

Oddly enough, opened Hookpad this morning, and the bug is gone. Records fine.
But when it was an issue, in answer to your question:

  • for 1/8 notes, every second note was missing.
  • for longer notes, the next note started early.

I’m glad it’s working for you again. Thanks for the clarification.