Playing a tab, hesitation then skips first bar

After Pressing play there is a slight hesitation then it practically skips first bar and plays 2nd bar til end. Happens every time.

If you’re playing with a YouTube video, and the tab begins right at the beginning of the video, then it stutters for around a measure then plays normally.

I think this is something to do with how Hookpad loads and plays YouTube videos, but I’m not sure.

Thanks. It is just my own simple tab I think it is a firefox problem, seems to be getting slower every day No problems with chrome

@michaelwho, Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I’m able to reproduce the problem in Firefox as well (the getting slower part). I think Firefox is having some trouble with our mix tool overlay. My CPU load skyrockets when I open it. This doesn’t leave resources for the audio processing, which is why it gets slow and starts cracking up. For now, continue w/ chrome. I’m going to look into the performance issue on FF but probably won’t have a chance to give it a real look until Monday.

Hi Chris thanks for the reply. Glad its just not me. It’s no biggie I can happily work in Chrome.

Thanks again.


Pretty sure it occurs in Chrome and Microsoft Edge as well.