Playback is glitchy

Playback is glitchy - sounds like the ‘band’ doesn’t have enough buffer (but all other sound outside of the app works fine, YouTube/Spotify for example)

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Still waiting to hear if there’s a solution to this? I’ve tried many things (restart, closing off internet pages and apps)…still appears to be an issue.

I’m on a MacBook Pro 2015

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Correction: I was experiencing garbled sound on iOS when I was able to get sound at all.

Currently I have sound, and it is not garbled!
I am not going to touch anything until I finish the 2 books, then I will try to figure out steps to reproduce the problem.

Okay, quick-n-east repro for garbled sound on ipad:
iOS 16.3
6th gen ipad (usually handles multi-track complex synth setups just fine)
Bluetooth off
Silent mode off
All apps closed
Only one tab open in chrome
Navigate to Rehab by Amy Winehouse Chords, Melody, and Music Theory Analysis - Hooktheory
Select piano (not youtube)
Press play. -Sounds like piano! Yay!
Click “Open in HookPad”
Wait for everything to load.
Press play. -Sounds horrible! (garbled glitchy stuttery) Yay?

I can reboot the ipad, and this reproduces consistently.

I do not see this behavior on my iphone. It is an update or two behind. (16.1.2, iphone 13 Pro Max)

I hope this helps. HookPad gets pretty crowded on my phone, it would be great if I could use it on my ipad.

@da3v Thanks for the detailed debugging.

Is this happening to you specifically on the Amy Winehouse theorytab, or is it all of them (I’m guessing all of them). It’s unlikely that it’s an issue with the iPad specs, I have a 4th generation iPad air and it seems to be working fine. Because Hookpad (and theorytab) runs in the browser using the Web Audio API, we’re somewhat at the disposal of how the specific browser allocates resources. A couple things you can try:

We’ve implemented the ability to load Hookpad audio buffers at a lower sample rate. You can find this setting at the bottom of the preferences menu:

You might try a lower sample rate to see if that helps. Usually when sound is garbled it means that the browser can’t process the buffers fast enough to keep up with real time.

Also, you might try Safari to see if that handles it any better.

This morning, when I am ready for a work session, the sound suddenly goes all glitchy. It sounds distorted, and an octave or two too low. Changing the frequency down to 36 had no effect. Closing most of the open programs had no effect. Closing half the tabs in Chrome had no effect.

I can’t justify buying this program when you have active issues that you aren’t really responding to.

I am on a new (two months old) iPad Pro 11 inch, hooked up to a focusrite Scarlett audio interface. Yes, sound everywhere else (loopy pro, YouTube, and Flip is all normal.

iPhone 8, setting audio to 32k, using safari, with default band (piano), it works !
Not very comfortable, but… usable.


IPad Pro 2023 (M2). Plays correctly on the hooktheory page, only when logged into Hookpad does the sound fall apart. Tried all sample rates. Nothing works.