Play or export problems

In your latest version if I want to play it´s jump meaning it stops for a millisecond and starts again. Therefore I can´t export from Hookpad. I´ve tried Mic Edge, Firefox, Google Chrome. Always the same. I can´t use it as it is. Such a shame. And I hate the new drums features.

Can you explain a bit more about what you mean about this “jump”? Do you mean when you play, it starts playing, then stops, and then starts again?

Yes it does. It´s “stuttery” if you know what I mean. It stops for a milliseconds or whatever and starts again. It´s impossible to use as it is. If i export into a waw file all the “stutters” are in there.

Great to have the old pop drums back but unfortunately the playback still stutters. A little bit better but there´s always a little bit of stuttering if I export to a waw file.