Play Chords on MIDI device

Hello There… I pay the Hookpad+ because i read, it can record the chords i play. but now i only can play single note in MIDI, ich i play a chord, it writes me 3 Chord. But what i really searched was the way to write the chord i play. if i play C, or C7 or C major or C minor. but now it looks still like a lot of work. Because i know how to play, but not hot to write…

I think there has to be a way to play a chord on my MIDI device to generate a chord. If i only can play 1 note, this is very useless for me, because i dont know anything about harmony or scales.

I know there are “Chord Finders” in the internet, and i was very shure, you impled this tool to your software.

Now im very disapointet and shocked, that i was failed with your information. Please give me a answer if i just use the tool wrong. or if this is really not possible.

(And dont write me stupid stuff lik: you have just to learn the music theory… - I can play the right chords for any songs, without this knowledge)

Here is a picture of chords i play, and i reallydont unterstand how to figuret out the Key or so stuff… i’m confuset how i can input this.


Hi @Vitos,

Currently, Hookpad does not allow you to input chords through MIDI by playing the chord tones simultaneously (however, this is something that we’re looking into for the next version of Hookpad). I apologize that you were given this impression, and we would be happy to issue you a refund.

Regarding the “stupid stuff”: Hookpad, and Hooktheory more generally, is based entirely on the idea that you should learn the music theory. If you are happy just playing chords without thinking about music theory, then Hookpad probably isn’t the right tool for you. If on the other hand, you are interested in understanding why certain chords sound good together, or how to write new and interesting chord progressions, then Hookpad’s music theory will be a powerful companion. It can teach you things like: in the key of G, like in “If I Ain’t Got You”, you don’t typically use chords like C7, B7, or G7 (a good indication that your chord chart is not correct). Much more common would be: Cmaj7 or C, Bm7 or Bm, and G or Gmaj7.

Music theory may seem difficult to learn, but the basic concepts are actually quite simple and extraordinarily useful. Hooktheory offers two books on music theory here:

Regarding entering chords in Hookpad: The opening piano riff actually goes: Cmaj7 → Bm7 → Am7 → Gmaj7. In Hookpad you would write these chords as: IV7, iii7, ii7, I7 in the key of G. In fact, the Hooktheory community has already written out the chords to this song here:

Hope this helps!

Dear @Ryan,
thanks for your fast answer! I definitely looking forward to this feature and because I want to support your project I do not want a refund. It needs money to build something amazing!

About my “stupid stuff” - I’m sorry, it was a wrong spelling. I do not think theory is stupid, I just think it’s stupid to give a different answer than my question. And this was just preventive.

My reason: I saw many stupid answers in the forum. it would not help, if someone will say, learn the theory, but the question was, can this software play more than 1 note…

Sorry if I blame you!

Thank’s for your explaining. I feel a little bit helpless. Just to say, how I play the piano:
Since 23 years I played the piano only with my ears. I was in school but I always play with my mind and tell my teacher that I was played from sheets.
In fact, I never got it. Today I play many concerts and arrange sheets for my band because I can play every song very fast. And also for small projects. when I listen to a song, I need only 1 time to listen, to play the whole song, or to rebuild the song only from the mind. for a normal pop song like “If I Ain’t Got You” I just need 3 minutes, to play all the right Chords… but, the main topic for me is, how to tell my band what I listen to? after your answer I think about it… and maybe there is no any other way, then to learn why and how chords work. Even I know how to play. if I cant read what I write, or others cant use it, then it’s my way to write sheets wrong, and I have to study the theory. It just hurt for me, to study the theory, because I already understand how music works and which chords match together, and then I just feel very very slowly, because if I listen to a chord, I can play you immediately what I hear.

… So, thank you for the link to your theory, I have to study now, because I got your point.
(haha after 23 Years I also start to study the theory…)

About the wrong Chords, I don’t think they are wrong chords :wink: I write the German notes because I’m from Switzerland.
so C = C dur = C major / Bm = B moll = B minor…
It can happen that I write wrong major or minor, but I will play right… because for my ears it makes no sense if the wrong minor or major play in a chord set.
Sometimes I also write a Chord with a different base note, so I will write C/G it means for me, I play a C major chord and with my left hand, I play a G.

Like here:

and maybe, also this, is wrong writed. but i know how to play… but it not helps other.

i will give you feedback, when I improved this.

Thanks for the answer, and have a nice evening,

Best regards,

PS: A song, i don’t know how to write, but only know how to play is this: Georgia - Ray Charles
i found that you allready have this sheet: Georgia by Ray Charles Chords, Melody, and Music Theory Analysis - Hooktheory
but i can’t read… haha :wink: but i can play, i recordet once, here you can listen, and tell me, if i play right or wrong. but i can’t explain, what chord i play. only play… :frowning: link: Gorgia Yves Version Karaoke by Vitos Studios | Free Listening on SoundCloud

I was led to believe the same - from your support before, I purchased today. Above, you mention in the next release. That was 6 years ago. Yet you seem to be still misleading people. Not impressed.

dunno. i use it all the time with my MIDI controllers. it does a pretty good job of identifying chords, and i use the note bar for the melodies or adjunct notes in complex chords…