Pickup measure splits notes into two


When a pickup measure is present, Hookpad treats the selected note as two separate notes, both when playing and when exporting the tab, even though only one note is present:

Although not shown here, the same thing also happens for chords spanning across the pickup measure. This breaks any tabs that use syncopation at the pickup. Please merge them back into a single note.

A similar argument can be made about notes spanning across a key change (that however requires extra effort to make the note refer to the same pitch before and after the modulation, which Hookpad doesn’t at the moment).

Just gonna bump this and say that the same thing happens to notes and chords if there’s a band change. Also if there’s a meter or tempo change then notes display as two and act like one, whereas chords display and act like two

@chris @Ryan @dave not fixed as of 2.16.0

To summarize this as of 8/12:

  • playback still splits notes/chords that cross the right pickup boundary and that cross band/key/tempo/meter changes. It shouldn’t and we need a fix.
  • drawing not during playback draws everything correctly now (it didn’t before 2.13.0)
  • drawing during playback is still messed up; it “lights up” with the note/chord split

The decision to split items at band changes came from the idea that chords, especially ones with rhythmic playback, should take on the playback instructions of the new band rather than the old one. This also applies to key changes and meter changes since these affect the voicing algorithms for chords. We extended this extended for notes too, although I agree this doesn’t make much sense.

The easiest resolution in my view would be to preserve this behavior for chords but have it not apply to notes.

@HertzDevil you’re absolutely right, the correct behavior across a key change for notes should be to keep the pitch consistent but adjust the scale degrees accordingly.

2.16.1 has a few updates to address points discussed in this thread.

  • No longer splitting notes that span a key or band change.
  • No longer split notes that span across the end of the pickup measure
  • Notes that span a key change now preserve pitch across the key change. Before they preserved scale degree.

Still working on the “playback light up/drawing” solution to not have a split but playback is fixed. See discussion from @Ryan, below for more information.

@chris on theorytabs the scale degree is still preserved instead of the pitch and the pickup measure still splits notes into two


And on hookpad projects notes that span over a key change with a different tonic will have the same pitch but are displayed incorrectly (e.g. the C after the key change to Db Lydian should display as yellow but instead it displays as yellow-orange stripes)