Piano won't work

After the installation of the recent update … the piano doesn’t work.

Hey Shotglass, we’re sorry that you’re in trouble. Could you please be a bit more precise? Which piano doesn’t work for you?

Hi Dennis, I’m sorry I didn’t specify that better. When I go to record the melody, I use the virtual piano keyboard that pops up on my touchscreen monitor. That piano isn’t working. When in “record” mode I get no sound and no notes are being displayed … nothing.

BTW … love your product!! I’ve written almost 1000 tunes using Hookpad. Taking some of them to Nashville next week.

The on screen keyboard doesn’t work and the midi input doesn’t work and it doesn’t work in record mode either. If you lock the input, midi will play. If you unlock, the midi input will not work.

Yes I have noticed this as well, but I just started using my controller to audition notes in Hookpad. I assumed it always worked this way. But it’s definitely not intuitive as is

We’re sorry for the trouble. There seems to be a bug which we’ll fix soon!

Any ETA on the fix? Virtual piano keyboard still doesn’t work.

We fixed the midi problems. As for the virtual keyboard, we’ll get to the bottom of it, too.

@Shotglass we identified the problem and will have this fixed in the next minor release of Hookpad shortly. Thanks for your patience

This bug has been fixed in 2.25.6 live now