Piano playing without recording

I think this may have been suggested or asked before but have not seen a response or if anything has been implemented.

Is there a way to play a song and play the piano without “recording” the piano notes? Basically be able to mess around with notes without actually putting them into the song.



Not currently. You’ll need to hit delete for now after you enter each note. It’s on our list as it does seem like something people want.


Yes I would love to see this feature, to be able to jam against a chord progression without having the notes recorded.
I see the last activity on this thread was 3 years ago, has anything changed? I’d love to set out a chord progression and be able to try a few musical ideas without recording them

Yes, it’s been possible for a while. Just enable the “Lock” button in the top right section and you’re able to play with your midi controller or also your computer keyboard. To record something afterwards disable the Lock button again.

Please let me know if this helped.


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Hi. Yes this helps, thank you! Must say, I would have thought, Midi On, rather than Lock? Just my thoughts!

Hi @DSchwachhofer, yes this helps, thanks. I’ve not used Hookpad for a while and still catching up with lots of nifty features