Piano and guitar fingerlings don't appear any different

Hi all
Ive just finished hook theory 1 and am starting hook theory 2. All great.
looking at the theorytab section. It says click piano and guitar fingerings but when I do this all I get is the same image just a bit bigger. Am I missing something? or is it an issue of flash with iMac? I´d love to be learning new songs in a way that further consolidated the theory Im studying…I can experiment with different fingerings for these but I´m expecting that there is more here that I´m missing



@patjunfa it does require flash to be enabled (it doesn’t sound like this could be your issue, though the regular theorytab also wouldn’t work so not clear exactly what is going on). This is what it should look like when you click the button:

Thanks for that. For some reason wasnt working with chrome on this imac but works with safari. Should have tried that.
Its not quite as helpful a tab feature as Id hoped. the guitar fingerings are basically just chord diagrams if you don´t know the chords. I´m not sure how to integrate the chords/struming with the melody or picking as would be more visable in a regualar guitar tab. Still useful to build awareness of which scale degree each chord is from. Looks useful for Piano however which I´m more of a novice with.
also odd that can view the chorus and outro secrion on phone (not guitar n piano fingerings) but not the verse which says requires flash player…hopefully will investigate more
Thanks for your help