Personal tab will no longer load

I tried to replicate this bug and it seems I have found a possible cause. Whenever the lyrics field contains any 16-bit character (e.g. U+266D Flat “♭”, U+2010 Hyphen “‐”, a lot of Latin letters with diacritical marks), possibly due to non-QWERTY keyboards, saving fails and Hookpad reports the “song data is empty” error. Even when saved as .hkt files, loading these will crash Hookpad completely. Example (U+0056 U+2076 U+2084)

8-bit characters outside the ASCII range cannot be saved at all and Hookpad just gets stuck, but they work properly as .hkt files.

Moreover, the check does not notify the user at all if another Theorytab with the same name exists, after which the title bar becomes glitched. The existing Theorytab won’t be overwritten; the two buttons to the left in the screenshot don’t show anything at all when clicked.

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Thanks @HertzDevil,
we’re currently working on fix for this. We’ll post here when it’s live.


All, we just released Hookpad 1.2.2 which patched this bug. You can now save projects with special characters in the lyrics. See the Hookpad changelog for more information. Note that the bug still persists for saving to disk (.hkt) files. That fix is coming.

SOS, I signed up and spent a couple of hours on a tab and now it won’t load and it’s due for an assignment tomorrow. Used hookpad all last year with no hassle. I get plus today and it’s my first time I run into a problem at the worst time ever. Is there anyway to save/retrieve my project I need it converted to a score asap. Thanks guys, Ryan