Persistent Error 500 when trying to submit to TheoryTab

This seems to be an issue that has happened to others on here, but I haven’t seen any solution, so I still consider it worth reporting. Whenever I try to submit my TheoryTab, it gives an “Error: 500” page. Even re-creating the tab in a new project and submitting it still gives the same error. (Also, I find it more than a little annoying being Rickrolled every time it happens. It’s not my fault your site isn’t working right!)


Same here.

All my recent attempts to submit new TheoryTabs are met with Error: 500. My go-to solution of starting over doesn’t work either. Why does this keep happening?

Still a problem and for whatever reason none of the threads on this issue seem to get dev replies. Weird.

@Rahlii this sometimes happens if there is a special character in the song or artist name that we haven’t accounted for on our server, could you provide any info on the song you were trying to submit?

I’m having this issue too. I don’t get it lmao

Here is a video of me attempting to submit a song with no special characters. This happens on every file I try to submit, even on different accounts and different computers.

Thanks for the video, helps us a lot to debug. We can reproduce the error so should be able to get to the bottom of this shortly

I took a look and seems as though the youtube is being attached with a URL shortener of the form : Sacrifice (Ico Remix) - YouTube that is not supported by Hookpad’s youtube url parser (is this a newish format or something that is happening automatically happening/that youtube is pushing? This is seems like an issue that has only recently started being a problem for folks).

The format we currently support are either the standard form you posted above or nothing but the 11 digit youtube id. (The parse is looking for the “v=” to identify the code it needs). We can add support for this format (and also some better error detection code so it doesn’t just Rick Roll you). In the meantime can you try using the normal URL format and seeing if that works?


Ah! That makes perfect sense. YouTube has been pushing this format for when you right click on a player and click copy url for I’d estimate around six years now. That’s how I always get YouTube links so it explains why I ALWAYS encounter this problem regardless of browser and other people can post just fine. I’ll copy from the address bar instead to post my theorytab backlog tonight and report back.

edit: I can confirm, this fix works! Submitted a bunch and will continue to.

This issue is now fixed, appreciate everyone’s patience and debugging help.

Me too. Mine’s not working.