Permanently drop grey "silence notes"

I think it’s extremely annoying and tiresome to have to manually insert grey silent notes in order to properly arrange a melody or to have to manually insert a properly-sized silence after doing something as simple as shortening a existing note’s length.

“Silence notes” is a behavior that only makes sense in old-school “fixed” trackers, arrangers and such, but certainly not in a modern arranger/sequencer scheme, which is the one TheoryTab uses. It’s an extremely awkward way of doing things in that environment.

Why not just let us independently arrange, resize and position notes anywhere along the length of a tab, and just automatically fill any existing “gaps” with invisible grey silent notes of the same length of the gap?

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I support this.

It’s really annoying to have to put a rest on every single less-than-a-string-of-same-value-note string. The interface more looks like a bar-based MIDI editor, and it should act as such.

Yeah, and if you want to change the length of a note in the middle of a bar, all the notes next to it change too…