Paypal invoice for hooktheory +

I send email to get an invoice, but no return email. Please check spam box. I read another post that had the same problem but got resolved. My username is " sanchan ".

Username: Sanchan

I asked for the 1 year plan. Thank you.

Thanks for the tip. For some reason this particular type of email seems to often get marked as spam.


I paid invoice and replied via email but no response.

Hi Sanchan,
Sorry for the delay. I was away over the weekend and didn’t see your message. You should have access now.


Thank you. Also, what does school access mean in the orders next to “active”. Another thing, Are there 4 voices category in Hooktheory after upgrading to H+? Are there any beta features that users can use? I remember using one similar years ago. Don’t know if mobiles versions exist yet. Thanks.

Yeah you can compose with up to 4 voices. No current beta features, but we’ll definitely let people know when are ready to show off the mobile/non flash version we are working on.

I’m not sure what you mean by the school access you are seeing. Can you send me an email with a screen shot at @support?