Pay by ARIA as a new add-on

I have received an email announcing the future payment as a complement to ARIA.
First of all, say that I will gladly pay for ARIA.
That said, and although I haven’t found it yet, I seem to remember that when I bought the lifetime license, I read somewhere that I would be entitled to all future improvements.
If I’m right, I think that at the very least it would be a lack of seriousness in the payment policy.
Maybe I just read it and misunderstood.

Thanks for the question

First, I can assure you that we take any matters involving charging users very seriously. The goal of the “pay-once” option for Hookpad was to fight against the tide of software companies that are moving to subscription only models. Since releasing this option, we’ve been continuously improving Hookpad with new features, instruments, templates, and songwriting workflows, and are committed to continuing this effort for as long as we are around. And for our subscription members, we’ve always locked in their original recurring rates even when increasing prices.

We’re making the distinction of Aria as an add-on to Hookpad rather than a core part of it for a few reasons. First, Aria is a complex AI model that requires substantial GPU cloud resources to provide suggestions in a reasonable amount of time. Subscriptions to Aria help to offset these costs, ensuring it remains a valuable tool for our community.

Second, Aria is still quite young. We’ve all witnessed the recent surge in AI technology and how it is reshaping our creative endeavors. While we are already very impressed with Aria’s current capability, we believe that the model has a ton of potential, and being able to support the further development of the Aria will only make it better.

Finally, charging for Aria ensures that it is used by those who truly want to benefit from it, rather than passing the costs onto all users, including those who may not be interested in using this specific feature.

Once Aria comes out of beta we will still allow all Hookpad users to use it in a limited capacity, as we do with all of our features and products.

Hope you understand

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As I said I will pay with great taste the price of Aria.
There has been a reasonable explanation and I give it for good.

Thank you.