Online App Corruption

The online system is corrupted. The only workaround I found is to save the files as JSON and store locally.
Problems seem to emanate from the YouTube App which interacts with the lyric file.

Hi, I’m not sure I understand the issue correctly.

Do you have trouble loading/saving songs from/in our database? How exactly is Youtube interacting with the lyrics?



Hello Dennis
Thank you for responding.
I found the basic page setting drop-downs were obscured, so to save files, had to use shortcuts. ctrl/shift/S.
At the same time, the YouTube App at the bottom of the page opened and would not close. (I do not use this feature) The lyric was also scrambled.
I tried to clear the browser cache and use a different server, but the problem persisted. The only way I could keep working was to use keyboard shortcuts to JSON files.
I noticed that pasting lyrics seemed to trigger the error.
Now miraculously the error has disappeared. In my Neanderthal opinion, you are adding too many bells and whistles. For example, once a song is complete, a clean version of the lyric has to be used for video software and publishing. So why add all those section headers?

Happened again today while I was working on a song. The error was triggered by making changes to the lyric file.

No dropdowns.
You’ve over-engineered a great system.

Ah yes, the lyrics window sometimes pushes up the website.

You can push the website back down to normal by selecting the music reaching, then press O to open a new song and click cancel to not to go back to your old song again. The “Open Song” window should push the site back to normal so you can at least save your song etc.

I thought I had fixed this issue with one of the previous updates. Do you have the latest version of Hookpad? What browser and what operating system are you running?

Thank you for the reply.
Music reaching - assume that means open a file?
As for versions of the software, I thought the system updated at each upload.
Where do I look for the operating version?
Seems easier to save work as a JSON file via desktop commands and re-open.
I have an up to date Windows 10 operating system and use both Chrome and Explorer. I also empty the browser caches frequently.
You had a near perfect app which I loved using, but now you have gone too far and turned it into a Christmas tree with unnecessary features. Seen this so many times before in I.T.
If you must continue on the road to self-destruction then so be it, but at least create a legacy version option!

Just tried to “Paste Clipboard” and that doesn’t seem to be working either.

Sorry, I meant “region” instead of “reaching”. Must have been auto-corrected.

I could replicate the behaviour your describing. When you paste lyrics that are longer than the height of your browser window the page gets pushed upwards. We’ll provide a fix shortly. In the meantime you can use the hack I described above. It’s not ideal but it will keep your Hookpad projects operationable.

The “Paste Clipboard” function is available only for everything in the music window like notes, chords, sections etc. Due to some technical reasons the lyrics editor only uses the browser’s shortcuts for copy/pasting text the same way as you would copy/paste text on any other website.