One Beat Measure

Hi, the new HookPad is great. At the moment we cannot create a bar with only one beat. Do you think we could have that function in future releases ?

Can you clarify what you mean? If you place the cursor on measure 2 and hit enter, it will add a line break after the first measure and you’ll have a single measure on that line.

Hi Dave, thanks for your reply ! I have edited my request. It should be a “One Beat Measure”. At the moment we need to have at least two beats in a measure (or a bar) in HookPad, but I want to have a measure of only one beat. I am not a pro musician and I don’t know whether this is useful, but it is useful for my composing at the moment.

Thanks !

Hey @dragonedison,

Sorry for the late reply. Currently Hookpad does not support 1-beat measures. This is not particularly common in music, but it’s not unheard of. For the sake of simplicity, we’ve only included the most common time signatures.