Ok somebody, help me! How can I do this progression in Hookpad?

A# - Dm - D# - Cm ? I don’t know what to do. I can’t borrow them. Help. I love you. Kiss. No homo.

B♭ - Dm - E♭ - Cm is the correct notation. In the key of B♭ Major this is simply I - iii - IV - ii; in C Major this is ♭VII - ii - ♭III - i, using chords borrowed from the minor key.

It’s a really pretty progression when spiced up with some embellishments. I-iii-IV-ii in Bb Major in Hookpad

@HertzDevil @chris Yasss! Slay. Thank you so much! Man, you guys just know about this stuff in life. It’s like, I love you guys now. I don’t even have to take shots of tequila to tell you that.