Off line use of Hookpad and books

Do I have to be online to use hookpad? I like the look of it, but need to use on an Apple OSX machine that is not networked (it has Arturia V collection). I would like to use it with my keyboards.
I looked everywhere for OS compatibility and am beginning to suspect that you are just selling access to your web server. Is that right?
Thanks, KDF.

I assume this is not at all possible because all they are selling is access to their website.

I’ve only been here a couple of day; but, from everthing I see… as you’ve probably figured out… yes, server only. There are a number of reasons why this is feasible for them. One, it doesn’t require pushing out updates all the time. This has been around a while; I from the bugs I’ve found so far; IFF they’re still working on it; it’s a heck of a lot easier to do it this way; than to push out packages.

I think, they’re too busy spending the dough to bother fixing things… I haven’t seen much action on that end. Too bad; either that or Covid has hit them hard; and it’s hard to find good coders to handle the bucketload of work they already have; they’re probably at least a year or more behind in getting out fixes between updates or adding features… the potential for this, even as it is; is changing the music world… A PRO version of this would be very nice! Indeed!