Notes named incorrectly on the guitar fretboard

Found that notes are named incorrectly on the guitar fretboard in the Key of Am. Not sure what other keys/modes this happens in. Here are some screen shots:
They are being named correctly on the keyboard though.

As an aside…it’s a little ridiculous that a paid subscriber can’t directly upload images because he’s a “new user”

This is because the forum accounts are a separate system than on the main site. So an account on the main site doesn’t necessarily mean an account on the forum.

Yeah the systems are different (we didn’t write the forum software, it’s an open source solution).

It’s an anti spam measure so a spam bot can’t make a new account and upload bad images and links.

You’re not the first to complain though so I just went through the settings and made it so new users can post an image (i also bumped up the number of links to 3).

I think you only have to browse a few topics to not be considered new anymore so you should be able to post now.

Ill look into the note names



This issue has not been solved. The note names on the guitar diagrams at are nonsense.