Note duration and adjusting pauses

Hi Hooktheory community!

I have two very specific questions:
1) As far as I can see with the Record feature Hookpad writes notes from 1/16 to 1 (whole) notes. I’m a beginner to music theory and wanted to know if it is possible to do any mistakes with the duration. I type a note with my keyboard and it automatically gets matched to the closest note category, is that correct? Or can I by accident create sth like a 1/27tel note?

2) You made this amazing video to help create a song starting with the lyrics. I followed the process and at minute 2:35 I can see a small gap between the entered notes. The next second this gap is closed in the video, but I don’t understand how you did that. Is it possible to automatically extend a previous note to the starting point of the next note?
I’m afraid I’ll mess up my rhythm if I do adjustments with my curser and it would be much quicker to automatically extend notes.

Here you can see that by typing in my rhythm with the keyboard I created a lot of gaps that were unintentional. Maybe there exists a shortcut to extend one note to the beginning of the next and I just couldn’t find it?
Bildschirmfoto 2022-08-19 um 08.31.24

Thanks so much for your time and support.

  • Stefanie

Hey Stefanie,

sorry for the late response. Yes, you guessed correctly. The note duration will always get matched to the next closest position of a 1/16 grid. So you can’t accidentally write “weird” durations.

At the time we created the video it was not possible to hold a key on Mac without getting multiple hits so back then I Think every note had a duration of a whole note unless another note came in earlier than that. So the melodies were automatically legato, if you wanted that or not. Now we found a way around that issue and the exact duration of your pressed keys is matched to a position on the 16th grid. Of course if you use only one note for a rhythmic notation you have to lift your finger in order to press the key again. That’s where the gap comes from. At the moment there is no way to extend note durations to form a legato but that’s a good idea. Perhaps we can implement that feature.

In the meantime, one workaround is to use two keys in an alternating way, for example “1” and “2” as now you can play legato as you won’t need to lift your first finger until you play your second note. After finishing recording you can select the whole melody and press “1” to set each note to a 1 scale degree again. This way you should be able to avoid the rests in between.

Please let me know if this works for you!


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