Not all notes make a sound when adding to the melody

When clicking on some of the notes in the scale to add to the melody no sound is made. Some notes do play the sound they will make but others remain silent. Formerly, all the notes would make sounds so you could hear what you were placing into the music. I would like to be able to hear all the notes again as I select them.

maybe a limited on the range for the instrument? if the Lead is a piano, then you should hear all possible notes. if it’s something like a voice or horn, it would likely have a range.

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You are correct on the piano so I shall use that then convert to the instrument I want when completed.
It will be a good work around.

There should be no difference in the behaviour between Pianos and other instruments. All instruments are covering all possible notes. If an instrument like a trumpet has a natural range, the highest and lowest available samples/notes are pitched up/down to still produce sound for notes that exceed the instrument’s natural boundaries.

What instruments did you use when you got silent notes?