Non-functional harmony setting for roman numerals

As in a way to keep chord names displayed but remove the roman numeral association. As roman numerals can be seen as a way to organize functional harmony of that in major/minor, and arguably still relatively useful for modal music that maintain some functional habits (not of the type of “modal jazz” that’s characterized differently it seems,) a user through arbitrary browsing or direction by the “complexity level” labels to an entry of non-functional harmony to be viewed in terms of roman numerals may cause confusion and misconception, and their presence as well may skew the statistics that you manage.

Examples are the use of modulating diminished scale in Process of Macrocosmic Emaciation and Foul Body Autopsy, the harmonic planing of Apocynthion Drive, and the serialism of Mary Had A Laser Bat.


We agree that some of these trickier pieces do not always conform to the functional harmony that apply to the majority of the other songs in the TheoryTab database. We will certainly take this into consideration as we continue to develop the site.

Ultimately, TheoryTabs are distinct from conventional tabs precisely because they show chords in relative notation with respect to a key, and TheoryTabs of songs not fitting within this system may not be as illuminating as others. We partially address this issue by categorizing TheoryTabs by “complexity” (pieces with modal mixture have higher complexity). We also threshold statistics so that chord progressions that lack a sufficient representation are omitted in the Trends API and the Magic Chord algorithm.

Thanks for the feedback and for your continued contributions to this forum and to the site.

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