Non-custom chords now show “Custom” as borrowed chord option

In the last update, “Custom chords now show ‘Custom’ as borrowed chord option” is listed under bugfixes. Unfortunately, there is now a bug where “Custom” is being shown for many chords that are not borrowed.

Consider The Imperial March by John Williams, where every i chord is listed as “Custom”.

It doesn’t always do it though: Ladyfingers by Herb Alpert just lists “N/A” for all in-scale chords.

Sometimes it is a mix. In the bridge from Komm Susser Todd by Shiro Sagisu, most of the i chords are “N/A”, whereas the ii chords are “Custom”. Neither chords are borrowed.

I dont see the problem on my side. What are custom chords?

In the dropdown. You have to select a chord to see what it is set to.

Screenshot 2024-04-14 203857

I’ll admit this probably isn’t a huge problem for most people, but it’s really messing with my OCD.

Hm, let me try to clarify this a bit. Custom chords are chords which were entered by the chord search field. I thought, the “custom” flag might be useful for chords which are out of key/scale and can’t be described by either the x/IV, V vii or another scale to borrow from. Before, the dropdown field was just empty.