No Sound or bad sound on Hookpad

The sound on Hookpad on MacBook is scratchy, tinny + muddy— totally unclear. On all files and new ones I started to test sound.

The sound is fine when I use MacBook speaker but is
scratchy, tinny + muddy when I use my audio interface. The audio interface works fine with everything else like YouTube, etc.

Im using Safari.

All other audio on both devices are clear and work well. Just Hookpad sound not good.

Thank you to anyone who want to help me😊

Hey Danielle,

there might be a problem with the sample rate of your interface. Is there an app or something that comes with your interface that lets you see/change the sample rate the interface is using?

You can also try to go into the preferences in Hookpad, scroll down to the bottom and select a sample rate of 48kHz.

Please let me know if any of this helped.

Regards, Dennis


Thank you so much for responding.

I updated my Mac to the latest OS.

Yes, I tried different sample rates.

Now the problem is different though.

The problem is the same whether I use the interface or my MacBook speakers.

I play some (not all) of my compositions, the sound will cut out, but if I tap the band “lead 1” sound button on and off, the sound returns for a few notes or a measure and then mutes automatically.
I’ll tap the sound button again and the sound returns and then goes mute.

Thanks for your thoughts😊

Same here. On iPad Pro 2023 (M2), sound is distorted yet it matches the sample rate of my audio interface. You should just borrow a mac and confirm it for yourselves. Before logging into Hookpad the sound is fine if you just land on the hooktheory page. Plays correctly. Clearly you are all on MS.

Hi Daniel, widths ever get resolved? I’m in a similar spot, but really want to use this on my Mac and studio setup, Don’t think I will continue if this is the case.

Would like some help before ditching though, as in theory this could be great.


Hey Si.x, and welcome to Hookpad!

usually everything should work with your Mac studio setup just fine. I’m using an old Mac Pro with a Presonus interface and I only get distorted sound in rare occasions when I’m trying to play too much instruments at the same time, but those have to loooots of instruments to happen. As this is a browser based application the app can use only one cpu thread/core unlike your DAWs which can spread the needed processing to all available cores.

I recommend using Chrome browser to run Hookpad as this is the best browsers for it. You can also test some of our demo songs without having a paid subscription to see if everything works. Just open Hookpad and go to File → Open A Demo Track. “Little One” has few instruments and is great to test if your sound works in general. “Colossus” has lots of instruments, if your machine can handle this, then you won’t ever have problems with anything in Hookpad.

Please let me know if you have anymore questions!