No sound on Hookpad

I am trying to play one of my compositions on Hookpad. It’s playing. But there is no sound. I open other websites on the same browser, and I get sound. Just not on Hookpad.

I’m using a Mac. The volume is turned all the way up. I switch YouTube, and the sound comes out perfectly. ITunes is playing fine. Amazon Music is playing fine.

Bluetooth is turned off. I went to system preferences > sound > internal microphone. Everything is working great everywhere else. I tried other hookpad songs. Still not working. Theory Tab database works fine.

You need to down load chrome onto your pc or Mac and then it will find that midi sound. I had a hard time with this my self to read my midi keyboard.

@Robbie1299 is this on all your projects? One thing you could check is if you open the mixer that you don’t have any tracks soloed or muted, and see if the volume level meter is showing sound output while Hookpad is playing