No levels for 7th chords in ChordCrush

I’ve got ChordCrush Premium; I haven’t unlocked all ‘Level Up’ levels yet but based on the world descriptions its seems like there aren’t any levels that teach you to hear 7th chords. I know you can manually configure these in the ‘Customised" mode’, but it would be nice to have a guided ‘Level Up’ world on 7th chords considering how ubiquitous they are.

I agree. The way ‘Level Up’ drills you and advances you with triads is superb, IMO. Having a similarly well-implemented trainer for 7th chords would be great!

Agreed. Think its especially relevant considering the upcoming World 4 is about Secondary (or “Applied”) chords which seems much more muscially niche relative to 7th chords which are more ubiquitous. I think develpers should prioritse 7th chords over Secondary chords and make the upcoming world about 7th chords.