No circle of fifths progressions in "progressions" page

So far as I can see there is not a circle of fifths progression group in the “progressions” tab. Would it be possible to add one? By this I mean (in minor) i - iv - bVIII - bIII - bVI - iio - V - i. Famous examples that use the whole progression are Gloria Gaynor I will Survive and I think Bart Howard fly me to the moon as well as loads of baroque pieces when this progression was as popular as I V vi iv is now. But lots of songs use the first part of it or else use it in relative major where the bVII - bIII is V - I. Suggest it should be included as a beginner progression.

Sorry of course in the above I mean bVII not bVIII whatever that would be!

I just add multiple voices, but would be nice to have that feature.