No audio only in the editor

my pcs audio works, audio in other tabs work, theorytab works (the piano midi mode works alongside youtube), but no audio plays when im using the hookpad editor. ive tried loading new sounds and checking the mixer but the problem persisted. when i loaded a youtube video into the editor that played audio, but no midi notes played still. the browser i am using now is vivaldi (chromium based) and it works on other browsers so i have a temporary solution, but i thought i’d drop this here.

Vivaldi 1.6.689.40 (Stable channel) (32-bit)
Revision fce2113643dbabe51ad6825c974c40dbfbaed139
OS Windows
JavaScript V8 5.5.372.33

Thanks for the report. We haven’t tested on that browser, but it’s surprising that it doesn’t work. Especially since it’s just the editor and not the rest of the site.

Vivaldi user here. Works fine for me.