No audio on mobile

In Hook Theory I and Hookpad (on Firefox and Chrome) on iPhone there is no audio whatsoever.

Tried restarting app. Restarting phone. Wired headset, no headset, and Bluetooth headset. Audio working for other apps, but not Hooktheory or Hookpad.

Can you help me figure out how to make this work or issue a refund?

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I have the same issue.
Ringer on, no Bluetooth, no headphones, using Chrome on ios, sound works fine on other sites.

Tried loading demo into hookpad, no sound.
No tracks are muted or soloed.

A clue:
Today I tried one of the books on ios, and had the usual “no sound”. For grins, I tried turning bluetooth ON, and heard chords coming from a distant bluetooth speaker that I had been using to stream youtube music several days ago.

Other than “forgetting” a device in settings, (and needing to re-pair later) is there a way to get HT to forget ancient BT connections that it may or may not have ever used?

note: This has not been a problem using youtube, embedded youtube, facebook, podcasts, etc, just HT.

Update: I currently have working audio on ios.
I have sound, and it is not garbled!
I am not going to touch anything until I finish the 2 books, then I will try to figure out steps to reproduce the problem.

Go into iPad IOS Control Panel-> Sounds. Turn Keyboard Clicks OFF. Worked for me on iPad.