Newbie Q: How to input timing easily?

I’m loving Hookpad. I watched the videos and was all set to dive in. So I turned on midi input and started inputting notes (digital piano) and it hit me that inputting timing seems really hard!

I will admit I am not the strongest on timing anyway. I just want to compose my tune, but I am getting stuck on inputting the correct lengths for each note - its just seems to slow me down and I lose track of what I was trying to do. Having to stop and fiddle with each note’s timing is SO slow. I am used to just playing!

Is there an easier or better approach to dealing with timing? (I mean, if Hookpad could get the timing naturally from my keyboard that would solve everything, but I know that’s too much to ask for). (Is it?).

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I found a free simple app called Red Dot Forever that lets you quickly record a midi file, then I can import into Hookpad. It helps with the timing - that seems mostly correct. But the lengths of the notes are not accurate.

I’ll keep looking. If any of you have a way of dealing with timing that’s easy please let me know!

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Sadly, I’ll be moving on. I guess everyone has different goals - mine is to improve my improve, and I am just finding input too cumbersome. If you guys can put a front end on this that can detect midi input and timing, that would help a ton.

There are two ways to input notes with your midi keyboard.

  1. In standard mode, it inputs the note length selected in the upper left note duration setting.

  2. In record mode, it inputs notes as you play them, recognizing note length.

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Hi @GaryHT,

Getting timing down is challenging, for beginners and experts alike.

I’ll second what @MaxCanon has said here. If you aren’t able to record on your midi controller with enough accuracy, you can use the duration GUI and enter in notes one at a time. This is how I do it: I have my left hand on the midi controller and my right hand on the home row of my keyboard controlling the h, j, k, l, ; buttons. It takes some getting used to learning how to make the durations you’re interested in, but you get the hang of it. I learned this when working in scorewriters like Finale or Sibelius, and we tried our best to mimic this behavior in Hookpad.

Another problem could be that you are experiencing latency into Hookpad from your controller. If this is the case, you can adjust the midi input latency in the preferences menu.