New Year Wishes - More

1- Need abbreviated ShortCut for Midi-ON/OFF.
2- Click on Section head, reveals preset 6 Titles for Section with paragraph Bullets cover large area to the right. This location should be used for many more icons. (see 4- below)
3- Clicking on Measure number reveals 12 important options (some are related to Sections)
4- Will be more practical if Titles of Section & Bullets paragraph moved to left (or right side) and allow for more 12 icons (as described in 3-).
5- Select more than 1 section by highlighting Section headers?
6- Section(s) after click-highlighted, should allow for Band’s input or other attributes. I tried it last night and the other parts went crazy.
6.1- Control/Input/Select from Table of Section <> Band <> Key <> Beat, etc will be outstanding! I ran into 1 similar technique already in Hookpad but forgot where.
7- Delete keybd for deleting highlighted Note/Chord? BackSpace for delete Note/Chord to left of Cursor? Will be much quicker.
8- Last Bar: Don’t add too easily and too many. Add just 1 if duration of song spills over (2 max). I have to remove these extra width many times in a session.
9- Give Last Bar a Section Title = End should freeze number of measures and automatically Outro fill for Band. Total measure can be expanded or shrunk by inserting or deleting. I hope all current assigned attributes (Title, number of Bars in Sections, Beat, Band, Tempo, Keys, etc) are adjusted accordingly.
10- Nudges: I love this very much. Can we use Control+Arrow or Alt+Arrow for Shortcut?
11- Ctrl+S for File Save instead of S? We have many single alphabets for input already?
12- Please seriously consider making Hookpad a downloadable & upgradable software. This will eliminate more than 60% of hiccups happening now. You can limit the number of PC/NB activated/deactivated. CLIP STUDIO Paint, the Japanese software is the perfect example for this. It is lightweight and can do many unbelievable things. They upgrade constantly and user integration is fun.

Finally, Happy New Year to Kevin, Ryan, Chris and all Hookpad Members.