New User Questions

  1. Is it possible to sound a chord without it being added to the song?
  2. When I check an inversion or type to use, it doesn’t remain checked. As soon as I try something it ‘unchecks’. Is this normal or am I doing something silly?


  1. I often joke that the the keyboard shortcut for this is to add the chord followed by the delete key… but not really possible at the moment :slight_smile:

  2. The inversions reset when you add a chord. The system assumes the next chord you want to add is more likely to be root position than not so it tries to prevent you from having to constantly unchecking the box after adding a chord (which would also be annoying). Note that the “i” key can be used to quickly toggle between inversions

Hope that helps!


That does help, thanks very much - you’re sure right about that keyboard shortcut :smile: