New unannounced update?

The lyrics bug seems to be not fixed yet for non-PLUS people, but there’s some new stuff in for the chords:

Noticed changes:

  • 7 has been moved into Type. 9 and 11 are finally a thing, but 9/11 with sus2/4 are still not a thing. The typical sharps and flats are notated in the chord numbers.
  • 11 notated as X/Base.
  • Default inversion renamed to N/A
  • sus2, sus4, and (add9) have been made into a new category: Emb. Inversions of sus still not a thing.
  • Non-diatonic chords renamed to Sec, Borrowed to Bor.

The no5 ninth chord voicing is much appreciated.

You’re welcome, but everyone’s going to know about it within a week when they notice that the right side is different from the usual.

@bigyihsuan, @HertzDevil This update slipped out today when I pushed an unrelated update for PayPal support. We had planned to release it shortly (and announce it properly). Now that it’s in the wild, we’re going to leave it up. I updated the Hookpad Changelog more or less with the things you observed above. We did quite a bit of debugging to make sure the key-instantiated chord names are correct in every mode but if you notice anything we missed, please let us know.

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Using any ninth chord borrowed from a supermode with the root degree sharpened crashes the editor.

@HertzDevil, Thank you for letting us know. We will look into it.

Thank you @HertzDevil, pushed 1.7.1 which fixes this bug.

Ninth chords seem to break complexity tags whereas eleventh chords do not.