New Lead Instrument: Tuned Kick

Could we get a few tuned 808 kicks as a lead instruments for writing hip hop and trap? Also a few more options for kick-free hip hop and trap drum loops?


Hi and thank you for the request!

Yes, I’m currently redoing all our drums. Right now I’m working on the ambience kit but one of the next one will be our Hip Hop kits. I’m always looking for inspiration for new sounds so if you have some songs/loops/beats you want to have inside Hookpad feel free to share them with me and I’ll see what I can do.

Tuned kicks might be a bit problematic as in our current band browser we have no way to select options like the tuning of a kick so we have to be careful not to clutter the bandbrowser with lots of patches which are essentially the same beats but with different tunings. But as it’s essential, we’ll find a way to make tuning selectable somehow.

All new drum patches have options to play them without kick, snare or cymbals so as soon as I’m done with those drums you can play them kick free. In the meantime if you’re looking for kick-free drums you can have a look at all the other drums which have been remodeled yet.

Nice, looking forward to it! Some of the other drums are really good, presumably the ones you’ve already redone.

I’m not suggesting multiple drum options with different kick tunings though, but rather a lead instrument that is an 808 kick, so I can write out trap style bass lines using one of the four voices. Right now I’ve been using “Hip Hop 8 No Fill” for drums and “Pop Bass Smart” as one of the lead voices to mimic something resembling an 808, but the bass rhythm is limited to the placement of the kicks in the drum loop or it sounds weird. If something like an atonal click were added to the beginning of the pop bass sound, I could use the kick free versions of drum loops and have more freedom writing bass rhythms.

Here are three examples. While surely an oversimplification, the kick and bass appear to be merged into a single instrument, both playing simultaneously throughout all three tracks:
RL Grime - Core
Juice WRLD - Lucid Dreams

Maybe some brushes? :slight_smile:

Thank you for those links!

Yes, that’s genius. I’ll create an 808 kick lead track which can be used with a kick-free drum track. It’ll take a few months until I get there but I’ll do this. Are there any other instruments you’re missing for those styles like specific synth sounds or FX sounds like risers drops etc.?

Awesome, thank you!

I can’t think of anything else preventing me from prototyping ideas in these genres, but I haven’t attempted seriously producing them yet.

Ok, just let me know if you come across something missing.