New Instruments

As new options for instruments are added, are the lists of what’s available automatically updated in the full version? Haven’t noticed much added in quite some time. Some horns or other brass options would be great. TY


I would love to see sax and trumpet-like instruments added to the instruments. Hookpad feels incomplete without brass. Please please please!

You can find many wind instruments in the “Orchestral” section of the leads:

Thanks Ryan. This is really good news for me.

I must have been experiencing a “senior moment” for the past several months and completely missed those brass instruments?!! The only explanation is that a lot of those instruments do not show up in the “harmony” mode. And they weren’t included in my standard “orchestral” band template.

So i’ve been using the cheesy Brassophone! But now you’ve made me very happy and from my perspective Hookpad feels a lot more “complete.”