Need MIDI recording trouble-shooting tips

Newbie trying to record melody using MIDI controller, running under Chrome on iMac. I saw a Forum item from 5 years ago; I followed the advice from that item, but I still cannot enter melody notes with my MIDI controller. The controller does show up in my MIDI preferences list, and I do see MIDI events in the MIDI Console from the controller, but nothing happens in the melody track of hookpad. The controller is sending on MIDI channel 1, notes from the octave of middle C. Any advice re: what to try next?

I’m having the same problem over here

Hi and thank you for your feedback! It seems that there is an error of some kind right now.
All you can do at the moment is to press the “LOCK” button and then you’ll hear what you’re playing, but you can’t use your controller to record/enter anything with your midi controller right now.
We’re sorry for the inconvenience and we’ll try to get a workaround soon.

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We just pushed a fix. Please let us know if it now works for you.

My problem is not fixed as of 2 PM July 15 (U.S. Pacific time zone). My version of HookPad is 2.19.14. I don’t know whether that is the most recent push; I had assumed it was. I tried re-booting Chrome, as well as the “hard refresh” option. Again, MIDI input is “enabled” and the MIDI Console shows the events, but the melody track remains unaffected.

not working over here either.

You might have to do a “hard refresh” after loading HookPad. I think for Chrome it’s ctrl + F5 on windows and CMD + SHIFT * R on Mac.

Thank you, DS. Your “hard refresh” suggestion resolved my issue this time. I appreciate your patience.