Need help understanding this prog

Here is the link. This was a quick and simple piece from a song that has recently come out on soundcloud. It’s not perfect in the first part, so the timing doesn’t match the original. BUT, i’m trying to improve my skills on figuring this stuff out.

When I determine the key of a song, I typically go with the first chord being played. But I always end up being wrong. It’s just really confusing when a track doesn’t start on the I chord, and that holds me back.

I have both books so if anyone knows my struggle here please reference me to the certain part so I can build my understanding.

tl;dr I always start on I when I write my own music. But my favorite artists hardly ever start with that on their tabs on the site. HALP

Hi Almith,

As you know, Hooktheory software and books are amazing tools, a hidden gem IMO!

But when it comes to key signatures, it’s definitely tricky at times trying to determine the key signature of a song.
It really does get easier the more you do it =]

Something that I find helps me; physically writing out the chords (Gm Am CMaj, etc…) then draw an arrow from the first chord played to each chord in sequence. You should start to see a pattern which should help identify the key signature. Hope this helps, and makes sense :wink:

Also, when you have a moment, do a search in your favorite search engine “chase charts chords” and you will find some examples of this technique.

Hope you have a great weekend!