Need help syncing youtube


I found this version of d’Angelo Ain’t that easy and I wanted to play along to the song rather than have it broken in up into verse, chorus etc. like it is here.

I became a (non-payed) member and clicked on the link that said open in hookpad but when I opened it, the youtube sync was missing. I read the hookpad manual and it said the newer version of hookpad does not yet support youtube syncing and to use the old version.

Now I’m just confused. My goal is to be able to load that song with youtube syncing and be able to change chords. Can I do that?

Anybody home? Anybody home?


hi @nickfox sorry for missing your forum questions. By default Hookpad loads the chords and melody of an analysis without the YouTube attached since it is assumed you are likely to be remixing something. If you’d like to see the YouTube, it’s a bit of a hack but you can currently edit the url to turn YouTube back on by changing enableYouTube to true. see below